Welcome to China Health, Ipswich

Thousands of years of experience, analysis and practice has produced the modern Chinese medicine practiced today by China Health. Today it is recognised throughout the world and many hospitals now include therapies derived from its traditional techniques to treat their own patients.

Chinese medicine uses an effective combination of herbs, acupuncture, massage and other techniques (such as hot cupping) to restore the body in to health and harmony. Most importantly it lacks the bad side effects that many conventional drugs and treatments produce.

The above treatments may be used individually or in combination as prescribed by China Health. The objective is to treat the patient as a whole and to restore their health by promoting a person’s healing power.

Please visit the Health topics page, where we provide articles about how Chinese medicine may help treating specific ailments.

Remember that all of our practitioners are properly qualified and experienced having gained degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine at universities in China.

We have moved, our new address is 30 Charlton Avenue, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 6BH. Many thanks to the Ipswich Borough Council for supporting the renovation of the new premises.

China Health, Ipswich clinic - St Matthews Street