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Hay fever is caused by the over reaction of your immune system to pollen. It is a type of inflammation caused by the inhalation of pollen or spores mostly from grass or trees. When we breathe in the pollen it aggravates the nasal lining. At this point our immune system thinks the pollen spores are a virus or bacteria. To combat this special cells, called “mast cells” are activated and sent to release an aggravating substance called histamine. That’s why hay fever makes the inside of your nose inflamed. This over-sensitivity to the pollen can really make life miserable.

Hay Fever due to Pollen - China Health, Ipswich

How can China Health help?

In Acupuncture terms hay fever is seen as a signal that your energy (Chi) is not flowing through your lymphatic system properly. Your immune system is either over reacting or your defence mechanisms are becoming inefficient. This flow of Chi is restored through acupuncture.

As a result your defences will become stronger and your immune response becomes more balanced. In Chinese medicine when you are full of chi or energy the energy flows around you more freely, this means you are healthier. So conversely when it does not flow you are prone to developing ill health.

For years Sally O’Neill, (China Health customer) from Ipswich, Suffolk was dependent on the typical list of nasal sprays, eye drops and tablets to help her through the annual hay fever season. It was costing her a small fortune.

She says, “I decided to have my Hay Fever treated by Acupuncture with China Health in Ipswich. Also so did my husband Chris. I wasn’t sure if acupuncture would help but since traditional medicines were simply not working anymore we decided to give it a try. Our symptoms were typical, streaming itchy eyes, snuffly nose and sore throat. I for one just couldn’t function. Nothing else had worked so far for either of us really but to my surprise we both responded to the acupuncture treatment brilliantly, I have my life back, Chris has his back. But that’s not all, there are no side effects from the acupuncture treatment. That’s an even bigger bonus. So we are both very happy”.

China Health: Acupunture to treat Hay Fever

At China Health we have fully trained Chinese Doctors and acupuncturists with a track record in treating infertility. Why not contact China Health in Ipswich today and make an appointment to discuss our treatments with one of our specialist practioners.

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