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China Health – Sciatica

The sciatic nerve can literally be a huge pain in the butt. It is the largest nerve in the body, which consists of a large bundle of smaller nerves that begin in the lumbar spine, travel down the buttocks, and move through the leg. Radiating pain is one of the more common and intense symptoms […]

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China Health – Hay Fever

Hay fever is caused by the over reaction of your immune system to pollen. It is a type of inflammation caused by the inhalation of pollen or spores mostly from grass or trees. When we breathe in the pollen it aggravates the nasal lining. At this point our immune system thinks the pollen spores are […]

China Health – Acupuncture for Fertility?

Acupuncture has shown great promise in treating many conditions ranging from Asthma to migraines.  At China Health we are also able to use this popular Chinese medicine to address fertility.  Research suggests acupuncture can improve sperm quality, improve blood flow to the uterus, normalise ovulation and boost IVF success rates. Today even high-tech reproductive specialists […]

China Health: Acupunture to treat fertility